December Loves

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – it’s December!

It’s Christmas time, summer time, beach time, pool time, picnic time, time to be run off your feet! With that in mind I have rounded up the very best life hacks to get you through the silly season without you looking, well silly.

Dyson V6 Absolute, RRP $899

Dyson V6 Absolute, RRP $899

Dyson, V6 Absolute, RRP$899 – love vacuuming, I know it sounds odd but I find it incredibly soothing and rewarding. I have long known Dyson to be the pinnacle of the vacuum industry, and have wanted one for my very own. The stuff us Mother’s dream of, huh, speed, suction and power, oh my! The mess made by babies, husbands and pets would be match for this animal! Not to mention the mess I make when I’m 45 minutes into a Jamie Oliver 15 minute meal. I need all the help I can get!

Introducing the Dyson V6 – the only engine I’ve ever dreamt of revving. The lovely folk at Dyson and Kids Business sent me this bad boy as an early Christmas gift (you hear that everyone, Dyson + Christmas = great present) and I put it to the test. It effortlessly went from cleaning up shedding pet hair, to a carton of couscous loving sprinkled over the kitchen tiles, carpet and a shag rug by a certain toddler, to a trail of sultana’s Hansel and Gretel would be proud of. And let’s not even talk about the extra gunk it removed from what I thought was my ‘clean’ rug : / 

The Dyson V6 Absolute comes with two heads – one for hard floors and one for carpet, along with all the attachments you would need to keep your every corner of your house looking fine. It’s cordless and has a 20 minute battery life which allows you to zip around the house with it and pull out the big guy for a clean every few weeks. Click here to get yours now!

Dyson V6 Absolute, RRP $899

Dyson V6 Absolute, RRP $899

Cardini’s, Original Caesar Dressing, RRP$5.30 – All hail Caesar, the creator of the Caesar Salad. But really, did you all know he was a real person? I mean the inventor of the salad, not the Roman Emperor. Anyway, it was at Caesar’s Place on 4 July 1924, that Caesar Cardini created the Caesar Salad. Unprepared to feed the number of guests the restaurant had, Cardini, improvised gathered up some staples available in all good Italian kitchens and decided to give his dinner guests a show as well as a meal. So, on a service cart in the middle of the dining room, Cardini went to work with cos lettuce, olive oil, lemons, coddled eggs, parmesan cheese, Worcestershire sauce, fresh croutons, salt and pepper, combining the ingredients with such a flourish, it left his spectators in awe. The Caesar Salad was born!

Made from all natural ingredients, with no added sugar or preservatives, Cardini’s ‘The Original Caesar Dressing’ delivers a punchy taste with zero without the effort. Perfect to keep in the cupboard for a super quick throw together lunch over the holidays or even as a sauce for the BBQ.

Cardini's Caesar Dressing

Cardini’s Caesar Dressing, RRP$5.30

Food for Health, Muesli Pod, RRP$3 –  Food for Health, one of Australia’s leading muesli brands, has launched their new range of grab and go muesli pods, full of nutrient-packed superfoods. Each muesli pod contains a shot of milk powder and a spoon, so the only thing to do is add water, stir and enjoy! What more can you want? A tasty, nutritious and healthy breakfast without having a lift a finger. Thank you!

Food for Health, Muesli Pod, RRP$3

Food for Health, Muesli Pod, RRP$3

Merry Christmas all! Have a safe and Happy New Year. X


One thought on “December Loves

  1. Mahmud Hossain says:

    I love my Dyson because it has very impressive feature. This machine can perform better than my previous shark vacuum. It can clean up all the dirt and dust from the floor and make my floor smooth and shiny.

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