Hi friends! I’d like you to meet my new little buddy Max. Max couldn’t wait to see the world and arrived six weeks early, which is why I have been a little quiet of late. After a month touring the hospitals of southern NSW and ACT we are now home and couldn’t be more smitten.

Recipe treats will start to fill your inbox again shortly!




Hello World!

Hello world!

My name is Jessica and I have decided to start this blog to share with you my recipes, thoughts and general musings. I don’t know if anyone will see it but if you do I hope you enjoy and that you find something tasty to try.

A little about me.. I moved from Sydney to country NSW at the beginning of the year so it has been a little city girl meets country but we are beginning to work each other out and are forming a lovely relationship. I am getting married next June so there maybe some wedding  related posts on here too. I work in media, I love cooking and eating, I read, I watch movies, I love fashion and I have a dog. I would like a cat too.