Yumi's, Anytime Range

November Loves

Pitango, Meal Pots for One, RRP$5 – Did you know that 75% of people eat their lunch at their desks each day, and that they are often unhealthy, boring + uninspired? I am guilty of this, and from my life in offices I know the stats are true! Gone are the days of tinned tuna, four bean mix, burnt toast and cup-a-soups thanks to the new range of Pitango Meal Pots for Ones. These bright pots are tasty and full of flavour. Zap in the microwave for 3 minutes and hey presto, lunch! These bad boys are surprisingly filling and wholesome which is always a winner on days when dreams of lunch are the only thing getting you through. Oh, and share your boring lunch on Piango’s Facebook page to go into the running to win a prize pack valued at $1,500. Visit facebook.com/pitangofoods and share a snap of your lacklustre lunch to enter.

Pitango, Meal Pots for One, RRP$5-

Pitango, Meal Pots for One, RRP$5-

Swig Flasks, Harris Tweed Hip Flask, RRP$145 – Want swag? Get Swig. Damn, these flasks are on point. More than just a hip flask, the body of these luxury flasks are seamless and made from one piece of stainless steel – so there is absolutely no risk of leakage. In keeping with its ergonomic design, the base of the flask is flat, so it can be stood up straight for easy filling. This range is housed in Tweed pouch, handmade on the Isle of Skye using exclusive Harris Tweed sourced direct from the weavers and mills on the Isle of Lewis and Harris in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Swig offer a lifetime guarantee on their flasks and have never had a return! These guys are made to last. Available from swigflasks.com with worldwide shipping + engraving, which makes them perfect for Christmas!

Swig Flasks, Harris Tweed Range

Swig Flasks, Harris Tweed Range, RRP$145-

Yumi’s, Anytime Range, RRP$4.59 – The good folk at Yumi’s have created a new Anytime range of squeezy pouches that are perfect for topping, dressing, or spreading. This throw in your bag and go range features some classics like curried egg and tuna pate, with the squeezy pouch designs combating the odour issue that can arise if your lunch is left to sit and sweat in your bag/work fridge all day, eggcellent.

Yumi's, Anytime Range

Yumi’s, Anytime Range, RRP$4.59

Alana's Pantry, Spicy Sauces

July Loves

It feels like only last week I was typing up my last ‘Loves’ post, although I know it has been awhile. A baby will do that to you! I send my apologies to all who were wandering aimlessly around the supermarket wondering if there was anything new and tasty to try. Never fear, I have rounded up some new and delicious products below for you to chomp on.

Oh, and I promise [fingers may or may not be crossed behind my back] that I will be more diligent with my next ‘Loves’ post.

  • Alana’s Pantry by Alana Lowes, Spicy Sauces, RRP $5.50 each – OMG these sauces are seriously good! Full of flavour, packing a seriously spicy kick, and made with no weird shit. These guys have been getting a definate work out in my kitchen of late. Seriously though, I caught Ben using the Spicy Morocco sauce for 7 meals straight. This includes 2 breakfasts. All of the sauces in the range are delicious, I personally cannot get enough of the Spicy Vietnam. It is a heavenly marinade that takes me instantly to South East Asia. Oh, and for those of you playing along at home you may remember the lovely Alana from season 3 of MasterChef Australia.
Alana's Pantry, Spicy Sauces

Alana’s Pantry, Spicy Sauces – RRP $5.50

  • Carpineto, Dogajolo, Toscano Rosso, RRP $17.00 750ml – is this not one of the most beautiful bottles of wine you have ever seen? I’m not going to lie, I totally judged a bottle by its label and bought this wine because it looked super cool. And, I have never been happier with my slightly superficial tendencies than ever before, because this is seriously a good drop. Big flavours, spicy notes of raspberry, vanilla, coffee and cherry shine through from this terrific Tuscan blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet. The palate is lean and lively with red berry fruits, plum flavours and notes of spice from wood-aging.
Dogajolo Toscano Rosso

Carpiteno, Dogajolo, Toscano Rosso – RRP$17

  • Mamee, Chef Premium Instant Cup Noodles, RRP $2.29 each -remember Mamee Noodles? You know, the ones with the monster on the packet that you’d chomp on dry, from the pack, in the play ground at school? Well, cue nostalgia, these guys and back; and this time it’s with something for us oldies. Their new range, Chef, is perfect for busy adults looking for quick and convenient lunch and snack solutions. They are ready in 3 minutes, which when you have a baby hanging off you is a god send! I was pleasantly surprised with the the flavour of these. They honestly tasted like noodles I have had from market stalls in Asia. Folks, you don’t need to substitute quality for speed! The pastes are made from real ingredients and there is a freeze dried veggie sachet that’s packed with slices of chilli, shallots and other delicious treats like shrimp or tofu depending on flavour. Giving you restaurant quality taste. Available in three delicious flavours; Curry Laksa with Dry Tofu and Vegetables, Tom Yam with Tasty Shrimp and Vegetables, Spicy Chicken Shiitake with Shiitake Mushrooms and Vegetables. Available in Woolworths supermarkets nationally. mamee.com.au | facebook.com/mameechef | #MameeChef
  • TIP: look out for an upcoming recipe on here using the Mamee Chef Noodles to make a super quick and super tasty family dinner!
Mamee Chef Noodle Range

Mamee Chef Noodle Range, RRP $2.29 each


Sadhana Kitchen - raw, gluten free, sugar free, vegan cake

April Loves

Sadhana Kitchen - raw, gluten free, sugar free, vegan cake

Let me start by sending a big apology for missing March Loves. I know that it must have been a real struggle for you to figure out which shiny, new products to try this past month. I had appendicitis, so you can blame my non-vital organ that was yanked out and kicked to the curb. What a jerk.

Without further ado, here is my round up of yummy finds to nom on this month:

  • Woolworths Select Ice Cream, Caramel Toffee with Biscuit Pieces, RRP $4.70 1L – Woolworths’ ice cream game is on point. There are a few flavours in this range but this one of by far my favourite. In fact, the words “this is the best ice cream I’ve ever eaten” spilled out of my mouth as a I was curled up on the couch, tub and spoon in hand. Sorry, not sorry.
Woolworths Select Ice Cream Caramel Toffee Biscuit 1L

Woolworths Select Ice Cream, Caramel Toffee Biscuit

  • Counting Sheep, Sauvignon Blanc, RRP $13, 750ml – this Marlborough Sauv Blanc is zesty, fruity and light. Its tasting notes proclaim cut grass aromas, which to be honest doesn’t sound all that appealing to me. I’d probably toss the glass if some lawn trimmings fell in. Never the less, this is a fine drop and is perfect for spring afternoons in the sunshine with friends and seafood.

Counting Sheep, Sauvignon Blanc

  • Sadhana Kitchen, 147 Enmore Rd, Enmore – You wouldn’t be the first to think you’d be craving a big, fat, juicy steak after snacking at Sydney’s original raw, organic, vegan cafe, but you’d be wrong. Stuff your pie hole with raw pad Thai, guilt free treats like “Better than Wagon Wheels” and wash it all down with a mylk chai or fresh juice. Even this carnivore waddled away with a full belly.
Sadhana Kitchen Enmore

Sadhana Kitchen, Enmore

  • Delicious Skin, Butter Cleanser, RRP $25 100mls – I was sold at butter for your body. Organic and it smells good enough to eat. I mean, who doesn’t want to rub butter on their body? In a non Homer Simpson kind of way.
Delicious Skin Butter Cleanser

Delicious Skin, Butter Cleanser


fresh rhubarb

February Loves

A monthly roundup of the best foodie finds.

Barilla, Gluten Free Pasta – tastes as good as the real wheaty deal but suitable for the coeliac’s among us. Dont worry folk, Barilla’s got your back. Barilla Spaghetti Gluten Free RRP $4.07.

Barilla Gluten Free Pasta

Barilla Gluten Free Pasta

Five Tastes, Thai Red Curry Paste – as a general rule I’m pretty skeptical of curry pastes from a jar, however this is the shiz. Real ingredients, no weird shit and honest flavours. Try it with chicken breast or my favourite, slow cooked beef. Five Tastes Thai Red Curry Paste RRP$4.14.

Five Tastes Thai Red Curry Paste

Five Tastes Thai Red Curry Paste

Five Tastes Thai Red Curry Paste

Slow cooked beef in Five Tastes Thai Red Curry Paste

Jazz Apple Sparkling Apple Juice – tastes like you’ve just bitten into an apple, YUM.

Jazz Apple Sparkling Apple Juice

Jazz Apple Sparkling Apple Juice

McDonalds, Big Mac Sauce – one upon a time my friend made me go to drive through McDonalds so she could purchase an unholy amount of Big Mac sauce for her to smoother on her upcoming meals. I have now learnt that she mustn’t have been the only person doing this as Micky D’s have announced that they will be selling their famous sauce in store, but for a limited time only so hurry in! In addition to the small tubs, McDonalds have released 200 500ml bottles one of which will be auctioned off on eBay with all proceeds going to Ronald McDonald House Charities. McDonalds Big Mac Sauce 25ml, 50¢

McDonalds Big Mac Special Sauce

McDonalds Big Mac Special Sauce

Rhubarb – in season and amazingly delicious. Don’t just think sweets, try a spicy rhubarb relish with grilled pork or fish tacos with rhubarb and coriander salsa.

fresh rhubarb

Rhubard – Image: http://www.lolaberry.com

Art of Espresso

Review – Art of Espresso, Young NSW

When I found out we were moving to the country one of my first thoughts was “…but, where will I get good coffee??”. After a quick google search I stumbled upon the brainchild of Adrian Capra, Art of Espresso – espresso bar, roastery and barisa school; located in none other than our new home town of Young.

Opening their doors in August 2010, Art of Espresso has gone on to become a haven for coffee connoisseurs and inquisitive novice’s alike. Their multiaward winning beans, like the house ‘kombie blend’ are fair trade, rainforest alliance certified and organic. Oh, and they have even made the Lonely Planet guide book as a must visit destination for coffee when visiting country NSW. BOOM!

Set in an old bakery, complete with pressed tin feature walls, funky beats greet you as you walk in and welcoming staff remember your order. The coffee here is second to none and there is a sipping chocolate that will make your diabetic heart beat with desire.

Art of Espresso, Young NSW

Cappuccino – Art of Espresso, Young NSW

Go for: the coffee – $3.80 small, $4.80 large

Stay for: the staff and good vibes

Order: Coffee!

Bonus: the good folk at AOE also run barista classes so you can learn the tricks of the trade and music nights with the likes of The Audrey’s and Mia Dyson.


Menulog voucher

GIVEAWAY + MenuLog and Ninety Nine Thai, Bondi Review

For your chance to WIN a $15 Menulog Voucher simply comment below and tell me what your favourite takeaway cuisine is and why.

Entries can be placed by commenting on this Blog, Instagram or Facebook post.

Menulog voucher

Recently the good folk at Menulog got in touch to ask if I’d be interested in helping share their good word to my followers. As an avid Menulog fan and user I jumped at the opportunity.

I work in communications and so some days when I’ve had enough of talking to people and can’t fathom another crowd, MenuLog makes me want to jump with joy and thank the founders for bringing this little guy into existence. I find it ideal for the nights you arrive home late, have bare cupboards, can’t be bothered cooking, have no takeaway menus, or the last thing you want to do is have a conversation with someone to place an order. Cue plonking on the couch, clicking on the TV and using your phone to search Menulog for exactly what you want. Ordering is simple, a few clicks swift clicks to select your meal, pop in your delivery details, and selection whether to pay cash/card – voila you’re done! Plus, you receive a nifty confirmation email and text message complete with ETA on your delivery.

For those of you unfamiliar with Menulog, it is an online/app based food delivery service. Essentially it provides you with the ability to order food online, from over 3500+ restaurants around Australia. It has great search functionality allowing you to search via both postcode and cuisine, see below:

Explore reviews from fellow users and access exclusive special offers and discounts. Oh, and did I mention that Menulog is No.1 For Online Takeaway in Australia? So what are you waiting for?!

Ninety Nine Thai, Bondi – Review

Good Thai food, always fresh, hot and flavoursome. Click here for Ninety Nine Thai, Bondi Menulog Menu.

Takeaway FoodCurry Puffs $5.90 – 4 pieces

  • These deliciously crispy parcels of mixed veggies are filled with lots of corn and have a great filling to pastry ratio which is rarely found in such an affordable starter. It is also worth noting that for something deep fried these are surprisingly not oily.

Dim Sim $6.90 – 5 pieces

  • These little bad boys are made in house with all love the love you’d find in dumpling land. They come with a great dipping sauce that has a light kick of chilli.

Takeaway Thai Food

Moo Grob Nam Dang $17.90

  • If you like pork belly and let’s be honest who doesn’t, this dish is fantastic. The only complaint is that there isn’t enough pork to want to share, and that’s not just me being a pork-hog. Pun intended. The sauce is described as a tangy Thai style, which I found to be primarily a light soy sauce. This dish comes with additional sauce, similar to the Dim Sim sauce, however I think that it is best left off.

Pad See Ew with Chicken $10.90

  • Often thought of as the “Bolognaise” of Thai food, this Pad See Ew is packed with thick noodles, tasty sauce and fresh veggies. A crowd pleaser dish with no chilli and a great alternative to the go-to dish, Pad Thai.

Coconut Rice $4.00

  • The genius who invented coconut rice is easily one of my favourite people. It is so creamy and moreish that you know every bite isn’t good for you but it’s too tasty for you to care. Pairs perfectly with the Moo Grob Nam Dang and is well recommended for an extra dollar over the steamed rice.

Takeaway Thai Food

For your chance to WIN a $15 Menulog Voucher simply comment below and tell me what your favourite takeaway cuisine is and why.

Entries can be placed by commenting on this Blog, Instagram or Facebook post.


Terms and Conditions: This prize is not redeemable for cash. The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. This promotion is a Game of Skill; chance plays no part in determining the winner. To enter this promotion, answer the nominated question by commenting on Daily Gluttony’s Blog www.dailygluttony.com, Instagram account @daily_gluttony, or Facebook page www.facebook.com/DailyGluttony. You are able to enter this promotion as many times as you like. The promotions ends midnight, Monday 30 June 2014 (AEST). The Winner be notified via email, Instagram private inbox or Facebook message and provided with a voucher code from Menulog to redeem. Finally, you are welcome to invite me over for dinner to share your takeaway; however I reserve the right to eat the last spring roll. 

Disclaimer: Vouchers used in this post have been provided by Menulog.