Nude Food Day

Nude Food Day!


Aloha Gluttons!

Did you know this Friday, October 28 is Nude Food Day!?

‘Nude Food.. what the heck is that?’ I hear you ask. Excellent question. Well… Nude Food is food without excess packaging; and Nude Food Day! is designed to help people be more conscious of their food packaging choices.

By cutting the wrap and the crap, we are able to reduce the amount of single use packaging thrown away after one use, sent to landfill and left to rot in the sun for years.

Nude Food Day! has partnered with the top folks at SMASH who developed a range of Nude Food Movers (BPA free, of course) which will get your snacks to their destination unharmed, unsquished and 100 per cent nude.

Reusable containers are a great way to transport food. I have banished plastic wrap and food bags in our house. Everyday I pack lunch for my son, myself and my husband in containers. They are brilliant for the environment and also for the pocket. When you use disposable packaging you aren’t just throwing it away, you are throwing away your money.

So everyone, jump on board, if only for a day and send your food NUDE!


SMASH Nude Food Movers are available from Woolworths, Coles, Kmart, Target and leading retailers.